as within, so without now available

Arteidolia Press has just published a collection of twenty of my essays. It’s available directly from the Lulu Bookstore. The essays cover improvisation–what it’s like, how it means, how dance and music interact–as well as paintings by Giorgio de Chirico, Carlo Carra, Umberto Boccioni and Paul Klee, poetry by Russell Atkins, much about Andre Breton, … More as within, so without now available

new in perfect sound forever

In the new Perfect Sound Forever, a reconsideration of the book Breaking the Sound Barrier on the fortieth anniversary of its publication. And, an object lesson in why it’s good not to purge one’s library precipitously.

two electroacoustic collaborations

Two recent, and contrasting, collaborations featuring electronics artists’ use of my performances as source material: constructing nature europe, an experiment with generative music systems by Thomas Park, and The Future of the Mind, a concept album by Macedonian artist Boban Ristevski.

on jon hassell

Perfect Sound Forever has just published a special issue commemorating the life and work of the late Jon Hassell. The issue includes a number of interviews as well as my essay The Very Idea of Fourth World Music.

tonight on no pigeonholes exp

The No Pigeonholes EXP podcast tonight reprises a show from 2016, part two of which includes a piece from Frequency Drift, my first collaboration with percussionist Ken Moore. As always, the show features a wide variety of fascinating sounds. Come for the Barbiero-Moore, stay for the Morton Subotnick.