colla parte

Colla Parte…bridges beautifully the territory between jazz and contemporary art music, a sort of free jazz improvisation taking the form of chamber music. “  Ettore Garzia, Percorsi Musicali


Colla Parte–loosely translated, “with the lead voice”—is an instruction for accompanists to follow the lead of a solo performer.  Founded in 2010, Colla Parte the ensemble brings together four musicians with deep backgrounds in jazz, classical and rock to create a unique form of improvised chamber music combining elements of contemporary art music and jazz.

Drawing on a broad palette of instrumental color from winds, double bass, mallet percussion and drum kit, these four very different musical personalities have developed their own brand of improvised polyphony featuring constantly changing lead and counter-lead voices. Any given performance will crystallize as a volatile, free counterpoint reflecting a complex range of interactions and reactions forged in the moment: a braiding of melodies and countermelodies, timbres and textures moving from expressionistic intensity to reflective introversion and back again.

The group is (in alphabetical order): Daniel Barbiero (double bass), Perry Conticchio (reeds), Kevin O’Meara (drums) and Rich O’Meara (vibes and percussion).

Our releases are available here, on Bandcamp.