p1060950on the side/of objects, the trio improvisation Eva, Gary & I performed at the Sonic Circuits Festival Sunday evening program, can now be heard on soundcloud.

Photo by Anne-F. Jacques


from sound to words

nostosRobert Pepper of PAS Musique has written a stream-of-consciousness review of Nostos. But it’s more than that–it’s a hermetic prose poem set in a parallel world of myth in which arcane symbols are established as empirical facts.

a sign from above?

WP_20150920_15_22_11_ProNot a divine admonition not to play, just a request to stay out of the vault.

This past weekend was the 2015 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, held at Pyramid Atlantic (pictured). Three solid evenings of sounds and performance art. My festival report is here; coming soon are photos and a link to an improvisation with Eva Zoellner on accordion, Gary Rouzer on prepared cello, and myself on double bass.

the continuing appeal of graphic scores


In the fine arts journal Arteidolia, some thoughts on graphic scores and their relationship to the way music is composed and reproduced in the absence of traditional notation.

(In the above photo by Barry Long, I’m explaining a page from my graphic score A Number is Best Measured by its Shadow to Tim Harding, with Rich O’Meara and Jimmy Ghaphery in the background.)