just a few questions this time…

An Eclipse of Images cover

Oblique Musique has a brief interview with Massimo and me about our upcoming release An Eclipse of Images.


for a good cause

Barbiero Byrd Ghaphery by Paul Gillis

Jimmy Ghaphery and Sam Byrd will be joining me for a set at Rhizome this Saturday evening. The occasion? A benefit show for the 2016 Sonic Circuits Festival. Come on out and support Sonic Circuits at Rhizome, 6950 Maple Street, Takoma Park DC, Saturday at 8 PM.

SC Benefit Show Poster 27 Aug 2016

Photo of Barbiero-Byrd-Ghaphery by Paul Gillis.

more sneak previews (& a pick of the week)

An Eclipse of Images cover

Two more tracks from An Eclipse of Image have been released prior to the album’s official release on 15 September. The Occulted Measure features sounds threaded around a complex time signature; The Stream Under Consciousness is an atmospheric, all-pizzicato track (and today’s track of the day at All About Jazz).

And thanks to Avant Music News for naming An Eclipse of Images a Pick of the Week.