nvs trio in the studio

NVS by RouzerThe NVS Trio–Gary Rouzer (Amptext) on prepared cello and objects; Jeff Surak on prepared zither and objects; me on prepared double bass, objects and granular synth app–recorded at Last Resort Studio in Silver Spring on Saturday. A brief excerpt from the session has been posted here.

Photo by Gary Rouzer.


after 30 x 12 released by open sound group

after 30 x 12 cover art by graham dunning

Graham Dunning‘s Open Sound Group has just released after 30 x 12 (for C. Reider), a collaboration with sound artist C. Reider.

From the description:
After 30 x 12 (for C. Reider) by Daniel Barbiero is a gestural composition for double bass and optional electronics. Individual gestures were drawn from a closed vocabulary of actions to be taken in relation to the sound material, and then organized as discrete events. These events were then arranged sequentially into long-period phrases separated by non-actions. C. Reider contributed a layer of electronics based on a reduction of a live performance using the double bass sounds as a filter.

Get it here–it’s free.

The score is available here.