time, silence & syntax

Some notes on the structural role of time in timbral music.


margolis & barbiero @ pyramid atlantic

photo 1
Last night I had the great pleasure of playing a set with Al Margolis. We’d collaborated virtually, and it just seemed like time to try it in real life. We did a couple of pieces from The Rationale for a Space Telescope and a couple of improvisations. Here’s a video excerpt from 4 Dock PO, which Al composed from sound samples provided by cellist Nathan Bontrager.

Photo by Jeff Surak.

numinous transmissions

One of the pleasures of virtual collaboration is surprise–the surprise of hearing what another artist can do with one’s own sounds, in some cases transforming and rendering uncanny some of the most basic elements of one’s musical practice. Recently I sent Mystified a simple recording of the G harmonic series for him to do with what he would. The results, released under the evocative title Numinous Transmissions, are startling–strange harmonic worlds and densely composed structures somehow emerging from a handful of pitches. Visionary stuff–do give a listen.