Daniel Barbiero (1958, New Haven CT USA) is a double bassist, sound artist and composer in the Washington DC area. He has been active in improvised and experimental music and dance in the Baltimore-Washington area as a performer, composer and ensemble leader. His music is informed by a substantial conceptual orientation and reflects his background in indeterminate composition as well as in modal and free improvisation. He is additionally interested in verbal, graphic and other non-standard methods of scoring for small ensembles.

He has performed with Gino Robair on the latter’s I, Norton opera, with Robert Carl on the premier of Carl’s “Changing My Spots,” with improviser Eva Zöllner, the Nakatani Gong Orchestra, and members of Contact; he has released work under his own name and with Ictus Records percussionist Andrea Centazzo, Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby, electronics composer and instrumentalist Cristiano Bocci, electronic composer/sound artist Steve Hilmy, saxophonist Jimmy Ghaphery, percussionist Ken Moore and underground legend Al Margolis (If, Bwana), among others.

Among his ensembles are The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra (with Sam Byrd, Jimmy Ghaphery, Tim Harding, Rich O’Meara and Tom Wall), of which he is founding member and composer, and the free improvisation quartet Colla Parte (with saxophonist Perry Conticchio and percussionists Rich O’Meara and Kevin O’Meara).

In addition to purely musical projects he has collaborated with filmmaker Chris H. Lynn on experimental film soundtracks both recorded and live and was Music Director for the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group.

He also is a regular contributor to Avant Music News, Arteidolia and Perfect Sound Forever, and served as an editor of the online arts journal Bourgeon.

Photo of DB with dancer Uyen Hoang by Rob Cannon/SylviDances

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