take a sound (it’s free)

Dan&SteveColorArtistsBlocTake a Sound. Do Something to It. Do Something Else to It, released by Pan y Rosas several months ago, is now available for free download from WFMU’s Free Music Archive here. The release features Steve Hilmy‘s real-time electronic manipulation of my double bass.

photograph by Colin Hovde


experimental music & recordings confront each other warily

David Grubbs has a book out called Records Ruin the Landscape, which looks at the uneasy and often paradoxical relationship between experimental music and recordings. A thought-provoking book, which I’ve written about for Percorsi Musicali.

nine strings (but without most of the strings)

prepared bass b&w by GR

Nine Strings—Gary Rouzer and I—reunite in a unique objects and prepared bass configuration Thursday May 20 at 8:00, at the Back Alley Theater, 1365 Kennedy Street NW, Washington DC 20011. (Leaving us with only four strings for the evening.) The event is a CD release show for Ayman Fanous (guitar/bouzouki) and Jason Kao Hwang (violin/viola), and also features Jaimie Branch (trumpet).

Photograph of objects and prepared bass by Gary Rouzer.