where picks converge…

ghaphery barbiero at the fridge

Happy to see that The Convergence of Parallel Lines is one of Avant Music News‘s picks of the week.


preview of a futurist evening

On 7 March Sonic Circuits will host an evening of drones, featuring a new work by J. S. Adams employing a score based on a poem by F. T. Marinetti. My own Let X ≠ X Ensemble will provide a klangfarbenmelodie prelude to Jim’s piece. Jim describes the work in Bourgeon.

the convergence of parallel lines


New from Music Is Big Place: The Convergence of Parallel Lines, the second collaborative release from Jimmy Ghaphery and Daniel Barbiero. The release, a free download at archive.org, contains three improvisations and one composition for winds and double bass, and one live improvisation for winds, double bass, percussion and three dancers.

  1. The Convergence of Parallel Lines (1)
  2. Silver under Grey on Black
  3. The Convergence of Parallel Lines (2)
  4. Exchanges for alto saxophone & double bass
  5. Approaching/Contact (for Jose) for three instrumentalists and three dancers

Jimmy Ghaphery: alto saxophone, clarinet, flutes.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass & prepared double bass.

On Approaching/Contact: Jimmy Ghaphery, winds; Daniel Barbiero, double bass; Sam Byrd, percussion and objects; Page Ghaphery, Ken Manheimer and Jose Dominguez, dancers.