tomorrow night at rhizome: X & Y (but not Z)

Courtesy of Sonic Circuits DC, tomorrow night is the debut performance of X & Y (but not Z), a duo of James Wolf on violin and myself on double bass. Also featured is Valerie Kuehne and the Wasps Nests–I wouldn’t venture to guess what they might do other than to say that if there’s still cabaret in the 25th century, it probably will be something like this.

Eight PM at Rhizome DC, 6950 Maple Street in Takoma Park, DC.

PS: Please contribute to Rhizome’s 2017 fundraiser, now in progress. They’re an essential resource.

Photograph of James Wolf by Chris Videll.


barbiero seiss wall at rhizome

Last night Curt Seiss and Tom Wall, on trombone and baritone sax respectively, joined me for a set at Rhizome. The set is up on Rhizome’s site for free download. Thanks to Rhizome and to everyone who came out to hear us on a Monday night.

Photo by Chris Videll