the words are the music

Bore is an intriguing new publication that presents new music scores, usually but not always made up of words. My review of the second issue, which contains scores by Tim Parkinson and James Saunders, is now up on Avant Music News.

words about music

An essential part of my practice is to attempt to articulate the principles behind my work. With that in mind I’ve added a new page of aesthetic statements, currently containing pieces on space and color in improvisation, and listening as a situated activity.

gesture event structure

A brief statement on my use of gesture in composition and improvisation has just appeared in Percorsi Musicali, an insightful music blog that covers an extensive range of music.


An image from the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group’s set at the recent Intersections DC festival. Pictured standing are dancers Amanda Blythe and Hannah Whitley, with Ken Manheimer and Angela Schoepke on the floor. I keep discreetly in the background along with Dani Seiss on flute and the unseen Curt Seiss on percussion. The group … More intersections