a virtual reading

Because of circumstances beyond my control, I won’t be able to read and sign books at Rhizome on Saturday night as originally planned, but thanks to the kind suggestion of curator Jeff Surak, I’ll be there virtually, with a recorded reading of an essay from As Within, So Without. Which is available here, from Arteidola … More a virtual reading

boundary conditions featured in the new harmonic series

The score to Boundary Conditions, along with a nice analysis by editor Keith Prosk is the featured score in the new number of Harmonic Series. If you haven’t subscribed to Harmonic Series yet, you really should… The score to Boundary Conditions is available for download from my Scores page; I welcome interested musicians and/or dancers … More boundary conditions featured in the new harmonic series

dialogues 4 now out

Dialogues 4, the newest in a series of collaborative video/spoken word efforts by Chris Lynn and Una Lee, has just gone up. Introductory music is for solo double bass.

new in perfect sound forever

In the new Perfect Sound Forever, a reconsideration of the book Breaking the Sound Barrier on the fortieth anniversary of its publication. And, an object lesson in why it’s good not to purge one’s library precipitously.