Selected Discography

Daniel Barbiero w Sam Byrd & Dani Seiss & The Dance Performance Group: Allusions to Ores & Ethers, 2021, Bandcamp

Daniel Barbiero: Timekeepers Map the Already Gone, 2021, Bandcamp

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci: Now/Here, 2021, Acustronica AT057

Daniel Barbiero: In/Completion, 2020, Endtitles ET21

Daniel Barbiero & Will Robin: Away from the Center toward X, 2020, Plus Timbre pt106

Electronic Remediations for Double Bass, 2020, Zeromoon zero198

O.P.T.I.O.N.S. for Double Bass, 2019, Bandcamp

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci: Wooden Mirrors, 2019, Plus Timbre PT086.

Daniel Barbiero: Fifteen Miniatures for Prepared Double Bass, 2017 reissued 2018, Bandcamp

Daniel Barbiero, Ken Moore & Dave Vosh: Transparent Points on Four Axes, 2018, Pan y Rosas pyr260

Steve Ashby & Daniel Barbiero: The Elongated Path, 2018, Impulsive Habitat IHab137

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci: Non-places, 2017, Acustronica AT055

Ben Redwine, Daniel Barbiero & Jonathan Matis: Microeconomics, 2017, Bandcamp

Daniel Barbiero & Ken Moore: Lunge, 2017, Pan y Rosas pyr211

Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues & Daniel Barbiero: {the} nature {of things} likes to hide, 2016, Creative Sources CS393

Massimo Discepoli & Daniel Barbiero: An Eclipse of Images, 2016, Acustronica AT053

If, Bwana: Kempt, 2016, pogus

Daniel Barbiero & Chris Lynn: Doubting All Things Aligned, 2016, Plus Timbre PT032

Daniel Barbiero & Ken Moore: Frequency Drift, 2016, Pan y Rosas pyr177

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci: Nostos, 2015, Acustronica AT051

Jimmy Ghaphery & Daniel Barbiero: The Convergence of Parallel Lines, 2015, Music Is Big Place MBP10

Daniel Barbiero w C. Reider: after 30 x 12 (for C. Reider), 2014, Open Sound Group OSG34

If, Bwana: The Rationale for a Space Telescope, 2014, pogus

Daniel Barbiero & Chris Lynn: Augmented Landscapes, 2014, zeromoon zero162

Steve Hilmy + Daniel Barbiero: Take a Sound. Do Something to It. Do Something Else to It, 2013, Pan y Rosas pyr096

Daniel Barbiero: Four Transformations, 2013, Vuzh 044

Daniel Barbiero: Allusions to Fogs & Liquids, 2013, Complex Silence cs37

Colla Parte: A Cast of Shadows, 2013, Subgeranium

Daniel Barbiero: Haiku, 2013, Subterranean Tide hk08

Daniel Barbiero + Chris Videll: Aberration in Pitched Systems, 2012, Treetrunk treetrunk 246

Daniel Barbiero: Not One Nor, 2012, Zeromoon zero137

Colla Parte: Fields/Figures, 2011, Subgeranium

Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery, Hermes’ Labyrinth, 2011, Music Is Big Place

Steve Hilmy + Daniel Barbiero: Live at Bella, 2011, Zeromoon zero123

Andrea Centazzo: Moon in Winter, 2011, Ictus153

Barbiero/Rouzer/Videll: Indigo over Red on Grey, 2011, Electronic Musik EM127

Daniel Barbiero: Monuments Seen through Peripheral Vision, 2010, JNN JNN116

Third Object Orchestra: Five Movements for Six String Players, 2010, Zeromoon zero108

Nine Strings Trio: The Sounding Table, 2010, Music Is Big Place

DC Improvisers’ Collective with Greg Osby: Live at the Warehouse, 2009, DCIC

Nine Strings: Open Circuits/Communicating Fields, 2009, Infrathin

DC Improvisers’ Collective: Meme + Variations, 2007, Sachimay Interventions #31

Daniel Barbiero: Selva Oscura, 2006, Beta Sound

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