cmw players in the dark

Two quasi-impressionist pictures from last night’s Creative Music Workshop improvisation at Rhizome. We played through sunset and into the dark. Top photo: Nik Francis in the foreground. Middle photo: Layne Garrett, foreground; Jim Ryan, background. Bottom photo: Phong Tran, foreground, Layne Garrett, background. Photos by Phong Tran and Nik Francis.

heightened senses

An excerpt from Lunge, my collaboration with Ken Moore, serves as the soundtrack for this fine video from Canvas + Huck. The featured artist is object-maker Anousha Payne.

last gasp/fast grasp

I’m happy to be included on three tracks of Gary Rouzer‘s new Bandcamp collection of recent solo and small ensemble work. It’s a nice snapshot of some of the ideas Gary’s been exploring these past few years, and includes fine performances from both local and international artists.