In/Completion is a collection of verbal and graphic scores by composers from North America, Europe and Japan, realized for solo double bass and prepared double bass. As notated, these works leave crucial features of the music—pitch, phrasing, duration, and/or other parameters–indeterminate and call for the active collaboration of the performer in making the concrete choices that will realize them. Thus the title: it comes from the peculiar situation that unperformed, these works exist in a state of incompletion. One performs them in completion of the work.

In/Completion features performances of seven compositions by contemporary composers in the US, Italy, Greece and Japan. Some of these works were composed for me for this project; others represent my own adaptations for solo double bass of previously existing works, which benefited from the advice and encouragement of the composers.

The compositions:

Makoto Nomura (Japan): Root Music
Silvia Corda (Italy): Traces
Alexis Porfiriadis (Greece): Spotting Nowhere
Cristiano Bocci (Italy): Paths
Bruce Friedman (US): OPTIONS No 3
Wilhelm Matthies (US): GC 1 (2-9-17)
patrick brennan (US): 5 points 4 directions
Morton Feldman (US): Projection 1

Daniel Barbiero: double bass and prepared double bass.
Recorded 2018 in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Mixed and mastered by Dennis Kane.
Sound supervision and cover art by Dominik Grenzler.
Liner note by Will Robin

Endtitles ET21

In Completion PDF Booklet

DB Interview w Endtitles

Interpreting Three Open Form Compositions appears in the January 2021 issue of IM-OS.

Reviews & reactions:

Barbiero proves on In/Completion that works based on graphic scores can not only be interesting, but also original, exciting and simply beautiful. The interpretations of the scores by Barbiero contain the necessary feeling and seem to do justice to the intention of the composers, although of course this cannot be said with certainty. What is certain is that this solo album is a nice addition to the discography of this special double bass player.
-Gert Derkx, Opduvel

-Kevin Press, The Moderns

…a rich compendium of the fruitful relationships entertained with composers who’ve shared with him graphic and verbal scores…Barbiero mediates substantially abstract maneuvers with his sensitivity as a musician…[In/Completion] is one of the best works of [his] entire discography dedicated to solo double bass.
-Ettore Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

...a sensitive, wonderful version [of Spotting Nowhere]”
-Alexis Porfiriadis, composer

dynamic, tuneful, playful outside-the-box solo bass…with its sheer catchiness, playful sense of humor and dynamic range, In/Completion will get you thinking outside the box.
Lucid Culture

What’s particularly enriching about this release is the context Barbiero provides…listeners are often in the dark on composition and performance interpretation practices; In/Completion, refreshingly, illuminates it.
Harmonic Series