the world & its double

New in Arteidolia, The World and Its Double, an essay with accompanying images by Randee Silv.


introducing framework #618

The latest edition of framework radio, #618, opens with a field recording and introduction made during my most recent trip back north, in late October. The recording was made just before dawn, a quiet time broken only by occasional birdsong and the recordist’s rustling of paper.

The photo above was taken nearby, during clear weather later in the week.

2017 electronica fest at national electronics museum

Tomorrow night the 2017 Electronica Fest, the annual event organized by Dave Vosh, takes place at the National Electronics Museum, from noon-nine. I’ll be closing the show in a duo with Ken Moore on analogue synthesizer–an instrumental format we used for our recent release Lunge. I’ll also be sitting in with Bourdon, the electroacoustic duet of Curt and Dani Seiss. 1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD.