conversing in two languages

Back in February, Perfect Sound Forever published a conversation Cristiano Bocci and I had regarding his work in music and mathematics. Now, with the kind permission of PSF, Percorsi Musicali has run our conversation in the original English and Italian.


announcing swifts & slows

A new venture from Arteidolia. But I’ll let them tell it:

ARTEIDOLIA IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH of “swifts & slows” where words &/or visual imagery dialogue in call & response collaborations.
With work by: Carrie Crow & John Greiner, Susan Lewis & Mary Kasimor, Ron Morosan, Cam Scott & Kelsey Braun, Valeriya Gaysinskaya & Leonard Kogan, Mumtazz, Azusa Yoneta & Otoha Takenami, Gary May, Catherine Henke & Randee Silv, Tania David, Daniel Barbiero & patrick brennan, Thomas Park, Nancy McGalliard, Shannon Reece, Abraham T. Zere & Yonatan Tewelde, Jim Leftwich & John Bennett, Kathleen Reichelt, Christine Hughes &Yuko Otomo, Mary Campbell, Steve Dalachinsky & Charlie Waters