folded space

What can you say musically in one minute? That was the challenge Don Campau came up with. And here are the results–Folded Space, a collection of very short pieces to which I contributed. Don artfully put them together individually and as a sequence of musical vignettes.

on russell atkins

In Arteidolia, a two-part essay on poet Russell Atkins. Part One concerns Atkins’ poetics, while Part Two is a close reading of his poem Exteriors, Interiors.

in/completion reviewed in percorsi musicali

Many thanks to Ettore Garzia for a kind review of In/Completion for Percorsi Musicali, which includes a nice interview with me about the album and about working with unconventionally notated scores in general. Ettore also writes about Now/Here, my forthcoming collaboration with Cristiano Bocci, as well as Anagrammi, Cris’s excellent collaboration for electronics and two … More in/completion reviewed in percorsi musicali

who cares if it’s not jazz?

New in the current issue of Perfect Sound Forever, “Who Cares if It’s Not Jazz? Milton Babbitt’s All Set.” All Set is a long-time favorite of mine & it was nice to dig into its history and write something about it.