finale at the auxiliary

051-AuxilliaryRichmond-3641On August 15 Colla Parte joined Vector Trio and New Ting Ting Loft at the Auxiliary in Richmond, VA for an evening of improvised music. The finale was a performance by The Lower Mid-Atlantic Improvisers’ Orchestra–the combined groups, playing a graphic score I composed for the occasion. Hear it here, on Bandcamp.

Photo by Barry Long/Eye in Hand


a very large string instrument


During last year’s Sonic Circuits Festival, Phong Tran and I helped realize a performance of Layne Garrett‘s Long Long Long Long, a large outdoor sound art instrument made of styrofoam box resonators, scrap metal and strings. H. Paul Moon‘s film of the event is now up on Vimeo.

photo by Gary Rouzer

sneak preview

On 15 September, Cristiano Bocci and I will be releasing Nostos, an electroacoustic collaboration on the Acustronica label. Until then? Here’s a nice substantive review by Sean Keenan at Trebuchet Magazine to give a hint of what’s in store, and an episode of the Difficult Listening radio program in Perth, Australia, which included a track from the album.