sound row no 7 for drumkit

Over the past couple of years I’ve been working on a series of sound rows for various instruments including double bass, cello, electronics, and alto saxophone. Sam Byrd, a percussionist I often have the pleasure of playing with, has recorded three versions of Sound Row No. 7. His thoughtful interpretations are available here, on his … More sound row no 7 for drumkit


Project 6’27” is a collaborative project by the fine Venetian saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist Mauro Sambo. Mauro recorded a ground track of percussion, zither and electronics lasting exactly 6 minutes and 27 seconds, and sent it to collaborators who then recorded their own 6’27” long tracks for Mauro to mix into the ground track. The piece is always … More 6’27”


WAMU has a thoughtful piece by Justyn Withay on An Eclipse of Images, as part of its Bandwidth series. Very nice to be able to talk about the ideas behind the music. And nice to have our NPR station taking an active interest in experimental musicians here, thanks to editor Joe Warminsky. There have been … More bandwidth