a rationale review


The Rationale for a Space Telescope artThe venerable Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review has a nice review of The Rationale for a Space Telescope. Collaborating with If, Bwana both virtually and live was one of the highlights of the year nearly gone by.


words about music and a best-of

Tokafi, a fine international web journal of sound art, contemporary composition and improvisation, has just published some brief thoughts of mine on space and timbre as elements in improvisation.

And I’m delighted to see that The Rationale for a Space Telescope, the If, Bwana release that includes my bass on a few tracks, has been named one of Avant Music News‘s best releases of 2014. A well-deserved tip o’ the hat and bow to the artistry of Al Margolis. Augmented Landscapes, my collaboration with Chris Lynn, was given an honorable mention.

classwar karaoke’s survey 0028

Classwar Karaoke Survey 0028 is now out, featuring an intriguing and eclectic collection of experimental sounds, including a preview of a gestural work for prepared double bass I recently composed and recorded. All music is released underĀ Creative Commons license 3.0.

CWK has been releasing experimental music and short films since 2008; this collection, like its predecessors, is well worth checking out.