making the contrabass contemporary

The double bass is a prime instrument for new music both composed and improvised. But it wasn’t always that way. In Percorsi Musicali I take a brief look at the renaissance of the double bass in the mid-20th century and the essential role played by Bertram Turetzky.

the mindbreath trio (prepare)

The Mindbreath Trio–Sam Byrd on percussion, Perry Conticchio on reeds and flutes, myself on bass–will be helping to open three nights of creative improvised music at Union Arts on Saturday evening, starting at 7:00. It promises to be an exciting event. More information here.

very interesting…

Happy to see that after 30 x 12 (for C. Reider) was included in Acts of Silence‘s list of 2014’s interesting releases. A varied and stimulating list indeed.

dcic reunion

The beginning of a new year is a good time for fresh starts, but it’s also a good time to renew old bonds. DC Improvisers Collective (DCIC) was the first free improv group I played with when I returned to music in the early 2000s; tomorrow night I rejoin them for a set at Union … More dcic reunion

a recommended release

Delighted to see the inclusion of Augmented Landscapes in C. Reider‘s 2014 end-of-year list of recommended Netlabel releases. And a mention of our own collaboration after 30 x 12 (for C. Reider). A Happy New Year/Buon Anno/Glückliches Neues Jahr/Bonne Année to All