notes on waiting

New in Arteidolia, a photo essay on waiting. The text was originally written as background for a dance piece choreographed by Sandra Roachford and featuring Uyen Hoang, which was presented at Dance Place in September of 2018. It appears in expanded form, with images by Cristiano Bocci.

Above image by Cristiano Bocci.


announcing swifts & slows

A new venture from Arteidolia. But I’ll let them tell it:

ARTEIDOLIA IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH of “swifts & slows” where words &/or visual imagery dialogue in call & response collaborations.
With work by: Carrie Crow & John Greiner, Susan Lewis & Mary Kasimor, Ron Morosan, Cam Scott & Kelsey Braun, Valeriya Gaysinskaya & Leonard Kogan, Mumtazz, Azusa Yoneta & Otoha Takenami, Gary May, Catherine Henke & Randee Silv, Tania David, Daniel Barbiero & patrick brennan, Thomas Park, Nancy McGalliard, Shannon Reece, Abraham T. Zere & Yonatan Tewelde, Jim Leftwich & John Bennett, Kathleen Reichelt, Christine Hughes &Yuko Otomo, Mary Campbell, Steve Dalachinsky & Charlie Waters