the december 1952 project

EXFOLIAGE: DC Sonic Circuits Festival, Day 3: Rhizome, Washington DC 30sept18.

The December 1952 Project was a two-part program I put together for the 2018 Sonic Circuits Festival, the first part of which consisted of a realization of Earle Brown’s classic graphic score December 1952 for an ensemble of winds and double bass. For this performance, I was fortunate to have the collaboration of the fine musicians Jimmy Ghaphery (flute); Will Robin (alto saxophone); Tom Wall (baritone saxophone); Patrick Crossland (trombone); and Robin Hayward (microtonal tuba); I played double bass. Below is a brief program note; a set of suggestions I made for the interpretation of the score has been posted here, while a recording of our performance can be found here.

December, 1952 saw the coincidence of two incongruous and presumably causally independent events: Earle Brown’s composition of the classic graphic score December 1952, a work within the larger set of unconventional scores Brown titled FOLIO, and the alleged acquisition by flying saucer contactee George Adamski of a communication in Venusian script. In the spirit of objective chance The December 1952 Project conjoins these two signs of their times with a realization of December 1952 by the wind and string ensemble Exfoliage, followed by J. S. Adams’ Sloth Ensemble’s performance of a new work for sound and projections inspired by Adamski’s Venusian text.

Exfoliage is Jimmy Ghaphery, flute; Will Robin, alto saxophone; Tom Wall, baritone saxophone; Patrick Crossland, trombone; Robin Hayward, tuba; Daniel Barbiero, double bass and arrangement.

Performed Sunday 30 September 2018, at the Sonic Circuits Festival.

Top photo by Chester Hawkins/Intangible Arts. Bottom photo by Chris Videll.