garrett & barbiero (rain & lightning)

A video of Layne’s and my 7 September set at Rhizome–performed during a late summer thunderstorm. With many thanks to Majid Araim for the filming & upload.

PS: The audio can be streamed and downloaded here.


remembering jimmy lyons & dc space


“Live music is it…nothing will transform you like live music and spirits!”

(Henry Threadgill)   22nd season!

@Rhizome, 6950 Maple Street, in Takoma DC

Takoma’s Art, Learning, DIY Culture Center

Friday, October 19, 2018




Celebrating Bill Warrell’s DC Space


‘Always Ballada’ – Celebrating Jimmy Lyons

 Nasar Abadey: drums

Sarah Hughes: sax

Daniel Barbiero: double-bass

Jimmy Lyons Trio performed a final concert at the renowned DC Space in 1986, the same year of his passing.  Tonight, Nasar Abadey, the drummer in that trio, is joined by saxophonist Sarah Hughes, and double-bassist Daniel Barbiero.

Best known for his long tenure with pianist Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Lyons playing, influenced by Charlie Parker, kept Taylor’s avant-garde music aligned with the jazz tradition.  100% of proceeds go to the artists.

the december 1952 project tonight at sonic circuits

Tonight at 7:15 PM The December 1952 Project will be performed during this concluding evening of the 2018 Sonic Circuits Festival.  The precis:

December, 1952 saw the coincidence of two incongruous and presumably causally independent events: Earle Brown’s composition of the classic graphic score December 1952, a work within the larger set of unconventional scores Brown titled FOLIO, and the alleged acquisition by flying saucer contactee George Adamski of a communication in Venusian script. In the spirit of objective chance, The December 1952 Project conjoins these two signs of their times with a realization of December 1952 by the wind and string ensemble Exfoliage, followed by J. S. Adams’ Sloth Ensemble’s performance of a new work for sound and projections inspired by Adamski’s Venusian text.

Exfoliage is Jimmy Ghaphery, flute; Jeff Kahan, oboe; Will Robin, alto saxophone; Tom Wall, baritone saxophone; Patrick Crossland, trombone; Robin Hayward, tuba; Daniel Barbiero, double bass and arrangement.

For more about the genesis of the project, listen in to the 19 September episode of WOWD-LP’s Coda program, at the station’s online archive.

That’s tonight at 7:15, at Rhizome, 6950 Maple Street in Takoma Park DC. Silver space suits optional.