fifteen miniatures for prepared double bass reviewed

Many thanks to Ettore Garzia and Percorsi Musicali for a very kind review of Fifteen Miniatures for Prepared Double Bass: Un bell’intervento sul contrabbasso ci viene offerto da Daniel Barbiero in Fifteen miniatures for prepared double bass: tra i piĆ¹ eclettici contrabbassisti della scena mondiale, Daniel migliora come il buon vino e qui sfrutta una … More fifteen miniatures for prepared double bass reviewed

conversing in two languages

Back in February, Perfect Sound Forever published a conversation Cristiano Bocci and I had regarding his work in music and mathematics. Now, with the kind permission of PSF, Percorsi Musicali has run our conversation in the original English and Italian.

silvia corda’s traces

I recently had the pleasure of recording one of the graphic scores created by Sardinian pianist/composer Silvia Corda as part of her Traces project. Intriguing, too, to hear the fine interpretations offered by Adriano Orru, Mauro Sambo, Gianni Mimmo, Gianni Lenoci, Paolo Chagas, and Pat Lugo and Marco Mal Loprieno, all of which can be … More silvia corda’s traces


In Percorsi Musicali, some thoughts on the relationships between sound and silence, formal & otherwise. In English and Italian. (Translation courtesy of Google, myself and Ettore Garzia.)