coming soon…

A new collaboration with Cristiano Bocci, forthcoming on the Acustronica netlabel.

Artwork by Marinella Caslini.


upcoming release preview track

Microeconomics is a set of music clarinetist Ben Redwine pianist Jon Matis and I recorded live in the studio in February 2015. It officially drops on June 30, but you can download a free track from All About Jazz. The track, Microeconomics Part 3a Graphics 5, is a section of our realization of a graphic score I brought with me to the session.

lunge now out on pan y rosas

Lunge, a second collaboration with Ken Moore, is now out on the Pan y Rosas netlabel. On our first collaboration, Frequency Drift, Ken played tam-tams. For Lunge, Ken played analogue synthesizers in a live improvised session at Last Resort Studio. Download it for free here. (And be sure to check out some of Ken’s current and archival recordings here.)

Cover art by Ken Moore.

in advance of the release…

In just a few weeks, Cristiano Bocci and I will be releasing our second collaboration, a collection of electroacoustic music and field recordings exploring the audio topography of atopias, or non-places–public spaces we pass through, use and leave behind more or less anonymously. To accompany the release I’ve written an essay that has just been published on Arteidolia. With photographs by Randee Silv.