communicating vessels

daniel3A nice image of Ken Manheimer and Hannah Whitley overlapping during the Dance Loft on 14 performance.

Image by Cristiano Bocci, from the video by Brian Harris.



dance loft on 14

WP_20150630_18_53_24_ProA stimulating evening with members of the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group and guests at Dance Loft on 14 last night. Gary Rouzer (pictured), Nate Scheible and I provided sound for a set of improvisations and an extemporaneously choreographed piece based on a brief text.

sonic circuits 2014

Outside Pyramid Atlantic. Photo by Nico Barbiero.

Outside Pyramid Atlantic. Photo by Nico Barbiero.

The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra (Sam Byrd, percussion; Tim Harding, alto saxophone; Rich O’Meara, vibraphone; Tom Wall, baritone saxophone; me, double bass) with Dictaphone interventionist Jeff Surak and dancers Amanda Blythe, Ken Manheimer, Sarah Schaffer and Hannah Whitley kick off Day 2 of the 2014 Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music on Saturday at 5:30 PM with a site-specific improvisation on the grounds surrounding the Pyramid Atlantic building (pictured above), 8230 Georgia Avenue in beautiful downtown Silver Spring. And that’s just the beginning of an entire evening’s worth of music and multimedia.

(The Sonic Circuits festival starts tonight at 7:30 at Pyramid Atlantic and runs through Sunday.)


Intersections DPGAn image from the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group’s set at the recent Intersections DC festival. Pictured standing are dancers Amanda Blythe and Hannah Whitley, with Ken Manheimer and Angela Schoepke on the floor. I keep discreetly in the background along with Dani Seiss on flute and the unseen Curt Seiss on percussion.

The group performed In Advance of Rotations/Inversions/Projections, a first take of a piece inspired by my recently rekindled interest in speculation about the fourth dimension among the Puteaux Cubist group.

Photograph by David N. Dowling