root music by makota nomura

In 2012, Japanese experimental composer Makota Nomura created a graphic score in the form of an installation of dried roots arranged in five lines on two walls of the Aomori Contemporary Art Center. The score is visually elegant and rich in possibilities; my realization is here.


silvia corda’s traces

I recently had the pleasure of recording one of the graphic scores created by Sardinian pianist/composer Silvia Corda as part of her Traces project. Intriguing, too, to hear the fine interpretations offered by Adriano Orru, Mauro Sambo, Gianni Mimmo, Gianni Lenoci, Paolo Chagas, and Pat Lugo and Marco Mal Loprieno, all of which can be heard on Silvia’s Soundcloud page. And finally, some reflections on the project in Percorsi Musicali.

the continuing appeal of graphic scores


In the fine arts journal Arteidolia, some thoughts on graphic scores and their relationship to the way music is composed and reproduced in the absence of traditional notation.

(In the above photo by Barry Long, I’m explaining a page from my graphic score A Number is Best Measured by its Shadow to Tim Harding, with Rich O’Meara and Jimmy Ghaphery in the background.)