LFA performance now on bandcamp

Now up on Bandcamp, Liquid Friction Assemblage’s performance at Rhizome February 1. The set, like the show, is dedicated to the memory of our friend, colleague and LFA founding member Keith Sinzinger. Pictured, left to right: Gary Rouzer, me, Chris Videll, Dave Vosh.

last gasp/fast grasp

I’m happy to be included on three tracks of Gary Rouzer‘s new Bandcamp collection of recent solo and small ensemble work. It’s a nice snapshot of some of the ideas Gary’s been exploring these past few years, and includes fine performances from both local and international artists.

more gestures in space

Gary Rouzer has a nice post on Gesture on Paper/Gesture in Space, with some of his photos and vidcaps from Brian Harris‘s video. An article on the piece is coming soon, in Arteidolia…

dancing the line

On 12 January the Havlik Dance Performance Group improvised movement with charcoal on paper. Artist Donna McKee led a workshop on gestural drawing that culminated in a performance for the dancers, with Gary Rouzer and me providing music. Brian Harris’s video Gesture on Paper/Gesture in Space captures the essence of the evening.

tonight at rhizome

Tom Blancarte, Sarah Hughes, Barbiero/Rouzer/Scheible. At 8 PM, 6950 Maple St NW, Washington, DC 20012 Poster by Nate Scheible.