dialogues 4 now out

Dialogues 4, the newest in a series of collaborative video/spoken word efforts by Chris Lynn and Una Lee, has just gone up. Introductory music is for solo double bass.

in swifts & slows no 10

  swifts & slows no 10 features Jeff Bagato‘s trash-based visual poetry, with my text commentary. Also included is Dialogues 3, a film with spoken word by Chris Lynn and Una Lee, which opens with a brief solo piece of mine.

dialogues 3

Now up on Vimeo, the third in a series of dialogues between filmmaker/writer Chris H. Lynn and voice and sound artist Una Lee. As with the previous two dialogues, I’ve supplied the introductory music.

dialogues 2 on vimeo

Now up on Vimeo is Dialogues 2 by Chris Lynn and Una Lee. Dialogues 2 is the second in a series of films in which Chris and Una read original texts. As with Dialogues 1, I supplied the opening music.

dialogues 1 on vimeo

New on Vimeo, Dialogues 1, a film by Chris Lynn with texts written and read by Chris and Una Lee. I provided a solo double bass performance for the soundtrack.

rusted boats in ljubljana

Thanks to Slovenia’s Radio Student for playing Rusted Boats in a Foggy Harbor, a track from my 2016 collaboration with Chris Lynn, Doubting All Things Aligned. (I don’t understand Slovenian and can’t be sure, but I think the host introduced the piece by reading from my Notes on Field Recording, which appeared in Percorsi Musicali … More rusted boats in ljubljana


The 3 July edition of Framework Radio includes three tracks from Doubting All Things Aligned, my collaboration with field recordist/filmmaker Chris Lynn.