gestures in space (drawing in three dimensions)


My impressions of Gestures on Paper and in Space, in Arteidolia.

Image by Randee Silv, from the video by Brian Harris/Bluefield Arts.


dancing the line


On 12 January the Havlik Dance Performance Group improvised movement with charcoal on paper. Artist Donna McKee led a workshop on gestural drawing that culminated in a performance for the dancers, with Gary Rouzer and me providing music. Brian Harris’s video Gesture on Paper/Gesture in Space captures the essence of the evening.

cumulative movement at dance exchange

P1050553-nhdpg-de15-fullsizeThe finale for the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group‘s show at Dance Exchange on 7 November was a cumulative improvisation for the full company plus guests. A couple of moments as captured by photographer Brian Harris: Above, Jonathan De Vilbiss and Erica Hagen approaching; below, Amanda Blythe, Erica Hagen & Judith Bauer standing sitting & rolling.