non-places released today (and a review yesterday)

Non-places is officially released by Acustronica today. And many thanks to Fabio Alcini and Traks for yesterday’s nice review.


more sneak previews (& a pick of the week)

An Eclipse of Images cover

Two more tracks from An Eclipse of Image have been released prior to the album’s official release on 15 September. The Occulted Measure features sounds threaded around a complex time signature; The Stream Under Consciousness is an atmospheric, all-pizzicato track (and today’s track of the day at All About Jazz).

And thanks to Avant Music News for naming An Eclipse of Images a Pick of the Week.

sneak preview

On 15 September, Cristiano Bocci and I will be releasing Nostos, an electroacoustic collaboration on the Acustronica label. Until then? Here’s a nice substantive review by Sean Keenan at Trebuchet Magazine to give a hint of what’s in store, and an episode of the Difficult Listening radio program in Perth, Australia, which included a track from the album.